Light on it’s toes, but packing serious punch

Building a high-powered amplifier line that’s as portable as it is powerful requires making careful choices about the technology you use. Class D amplifiers were the perfect choice for the APX line, thanks to their light weight, phenomenal dollar-per-watt ratio and efficiency in converting available power into usable wattage without generating the type of heat associated with other designs.

Making a Connection

The APX series amps not only pack some serious punch, but they also offer a full complement of inputs and outputs. Balanced XLR / ¼” combi inputs let you connect balanced or unbalanced audio sources, while binding post and Speakon / ¼” combi outputs let you connect to virtually any passive speaker system.


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  • APX1000

    2-Channel 1000 Watt Power Amplifier

  • APX1500

    2-Channel 1500 Watt Power Amplifier