Active 1200 Watt 18" Subwoofer
  • 1200 Watts Class D power
  • Powerful 18” low-frequency, long-excursion driver
  • Stereo inputs: Mic/Line left channel, XLR right channel
  • Stereo XLR outputs: left link, right mono, internal 120Hz crossover on through
  • 18 mm birch plywood vented cabinet with metal grille and recessed handles
  • Adjustable level and polarity controls
  • 35 mm pole socket








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Professional Low-End Sound Production

Massive Sound - Professional Features
The frequency range and crossovers of the Truesonic TSSUB18 and TSSUB15 have been tuned to provide smooth, low-end sound production in the 37Hz-125Hz range (42Hz-125Hz for the TSSUB15). They also offer stereo inputs, an internal active crossover, and are housed in rugged, compact, 18mm Birch plywood cabinets with durable metal recessed handles. When you're ready to extend the frequency range of your live performance reinforcement, Truesonic subwoofers are the effective, economical, and professional choice.

Truesonic Substance
Exacting details were planned and provided in the Truesonic TSSUB18 and TSSUB15. From the modern digital power amp to the internal crossover and handpicked drivers, they are class-leading subwoofers and worthy of the Truesonic name. As active subwoofer systems, The Truesonic TSSUB18 and TSSUB15 offer a massive 18" LF long-excursion driver and large 15" LF long-excursion driver respectively. They're rated at a whopping 1200 watts and feature a 3" copper sandwich voice coil, which means you'll have plenty of low-end volume when you need it most.


Powered System: Continuous 600 Watts, Peak 1200 Watts
Frequency Response (-10dB): 37 Hz-125 Hz under analog processor
Maximum SPL @ 1m: 123 dB Continuous  / 126 dB Peak
Transducer Low: 18" woofer, 3" copper sandwich voice coil, with long excursion
Active Crossover: Band pass type 12 dB / oct. under analog processor
Input Connectors: In-Left / Mono (Combo) Right (XLR-F) / Out-Left /Mono-Right (XLR-M) / Link-Left / Mono-Right (XLR-M) Balanced (15 kOhms)
Input: Level L-R Input Line at 0 dBu
Crossover Frequency: L-R output with high pass filter at 80 Hz or flat for L-R satellite
External Controls: VOLUME Control / PHASE Switch / HPF-80Hz Bypass / Power on with green LED / Clip limiter with red LED / Ground lift
Power Supply: 120-240 Volts in Switching Power mode
Enclosure Construction: 18mm Plywood cabinet, glued and reinforced, resistant black paint, metal grille, rubber foot, four optional wheels
Mounting: One standard metal pole-mount, two metal handle

Dimensions (WxLxH): 20.7in x 22.8in x 28.6in
Weight: 77.4 lb

Frequently Asked Questions [+]

The fan in my speaker is not spinning, is something wrong? Should the fans in both of my speakers operate exactly the same?
The fan operates as needed to control the internal temperature of the amplifier. There are component tolerances which cause small variations from unit to unit. It is normal for a unit at room temperature to have the fan spin slowly, or not at all, or to stop and start. It is normal for this to vary slightly from unit to unit. It has no impact on the performance of the product.


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