18" Passive Subwoofer
  • 1600 Watts peak power rating
  • 800 Watts program / 400 Watts continuous
  • 18” low-frequency transducer, 3” voice coil
  • Two parallel Speakon NL4 jacks for input and through connections, passive crossover on through
  • Rugged poplar plywood cabinet with metal handles






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Efficient Road-Ready Rumble

Sonic Boom
The frequency range and crossover of the SXSUB18 and SXSUB15 have been specifically tailored to provide smooth, low-end sound production in the 35 Hz - 200 Hz range. When combined with your two- or three-way speaker system, your kick drum will thump, your bass guitar will rumble and your beats will incite dance-frenzied masses to get their groove on. But that's not the only reason to add a SXSUB18 or SXSUB15 to your gigging rig. Having a sub's big low-end response often means that you can run your PA at a lower volume level while still retaining a large, full sound.

Roadworthy Performance
The SXSUB18 and SXSUB15 are passive subwoofer systems offering a massive 18" LF driver and large 15" LF driver respectively. They're rated at 400 Watts continuous and 1600 Watts peak and feature a 3" voice coil, two parallel Speakon NL4 jacks for input and thru (passive crossover), and are housed in rugged poplar plywood cabinets with durable metal handles. When you're ready to extend the frequency range of your live performance reinforcement, SX subwoofers are the effective, economical sound choice.


Passive System Type: Band-pass
Continuous Power: 400 Watts
Program Power: 800 Watts
Peak Power: 1600 Watts
Max SPL at 1m: 123 dB Continuous  / 126 dB Peak
Frequency Response (-10dB): 35 Hz - 200 Hz 
Impedance: 4 Ohms nominal
Crossover Frequency: 160 Hz / 6 dB / Octave
Low Frequency Driver: 18" Woofer / 3" Voice coil
Connectors: 2 x SPK4 @Power Input / Output
Cabinet: Poplar plywood, metal handle, black paint finishing


Dimensions (WxLxH): 730mm x 600mm x 600mm
Weight: 105 lb

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